Investing in blueprints, know its benefits


Investing in floor plans for maximum return on investment are some of the advantages you should consider when looking for your next property:

1-Money saving & better prices:

When opting for a property under development, you have an indirect saving because the developer has a much lower starting price than the final price of the same property against delivery date.

2-You gain capital gains & invest in an asset:

At the time of delivery of the units, the project will gain added value in a weighted percentage corresponding to the behavior of the sector or the area where you are making this investment, which translates into the added value that the property takes from when it is in plans to when it is ready and built, this will allow you together with factors such as dynamism and growth of the area, increase in building materials and demand to have the maximum return on your investment.

3-Facility of payment:

Facilities to make monthly or quarterly payments during construction and with down payments that will allow you to invest without decapitalizing yourself, so that you would be financing indirectly with the developer. The financial leverage will help you to continue making the payment in the same way, even after the delivery of your property and with very attractive rates and percentages that vary between 50% and 90% of the value of the property.

4-Design & customization:

You can choose to improve the design in plans, improve and optimize the spaces, or plan the interior design long before the delivery of your unit, with the intention of achieving a fully customized product to your tastes.


Carolina Tosato

Real Estate Specialist , Luxury Homes

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